List of Online Casinos powered by Softswiss

SoftSwiss is a globally popular company, one of the leaders in the development of online casino software. Today SoftSwiss enters the field of online gambling and a variety of virtual entertainment. The brand’s software products are used by many and are considered to be the top software for bookmakers. The list of Softswiss casinos that have already gained popularity all over the world:


TTR Casino;

Bit Starz;

Golden Star Casino;

Loki Casino;


Azino 777.

The quality products offered on SoftSwiss and the company conditions have earned a good reputation. Today, the brand receives a huge number of orders for the creation of gaming software for gambling establishments with any complexity and in different directions, striving to apply the latest solutions. Highly technical functionality opens up a lot of possibilities for all users.

What opportunities does the SoftSwiss gaming platform provide?

1. Establish management of game content and other software on the interface, add updated groups to them, highlight the most popular and frequently used ones, and analyze their popularity.

2. Monitor all the operations of the players, encourage them with bonus offers, eliminate unnecessary accounts, if there is a duplicate, calculate the interests of customers.

3. Follow the reporting and detailed analysis of the actions that take place on the site of the site: deposits, the number and amount of bets, other operations.

4. The ability to customize financial systems, allowing you to conduct any financial transactions.

5. The wizard will be able to customize the work of the loyalty program, creating their updated variations that correspond to the targeting and time factors.

6. To create tournament games and lotteries, while establishing winners in any categories and strategies, cash and other prizes, as well as presents to the winners.

7. Segmenting users based on their operations, behavior and data on the online casino website, creating lucrative bonus offers.

8. The platform supports a wide variety of currencies, making it suitable for all users. The casino software provides an opportunity to complement other operators without problems, based on the needs of the customers.

9. The security of SoftSwiss Casino is monitored using a system for calculating illegal actions that are performed with bonus or fixed assets.

10. Select roles and access capabilities for administrators by performing two-factor recognition in advance.

Softswiss casino reviews

Reading reviews about the well-known developer SoftSwiss, you can understand that it inspires confidence. This is because all the functions are professionally thought out in it. It allows you to open new Softswiss casinos online, the administrator will not need to create anything on his own, but simply buy the product and use it.

Slots and the Softswiss advantage

Slots on the Softswiss platform are incredibly popular. The slot machines are equipped with five reels and three rows of symbols, and the number of lines can be different (5-21). The most popular in this category:

West Town;

Lucky Lady;


Platinum Lightning.

The main advantage of Softswiss is a huge number of games integrated into it, of which more than two thousand are credited. In addition, such opportunities are provided as maintaining and configuring the bonus system, managing the client base, maintaining an affiliate program.